International Academy of the Belt and Road



Founded in January 2016, the International Academy of the Belt and Road (IABR) is the first research institution concerning the Belt and Road Initiative in Hong Kong. It is committed to building an international platform for academic and professional exchanges. Experts from various countries along the Belt and Road route who specialize in the fields of law, economics, finance, investment, politics and international relations are invited to work with the IABR. They contribute through conducting research, carrying out analysis and offering advice on diverse issues that may arise in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative. To date, the IABR has held several forums on the Belt and Road and has been working on compiling two sets of books including the book series Essentials of Law along the Belt and Road as well as the Blue Book Dispute Resolution Mechanism for the Belt and Road. Constant efforts have been made with the aim of offering expert services to enterprises and institutions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. The IABR endeavors to educate and train talents, to help exploit Hong Kong’s advantages to the full, and to contribute to the global economic development and world peace.

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一帶一路國際研究院 副院長

東華三院 主席
比富達資產管理有限公司 主席
中國人民政治協商會議北京市委員會 政協會員


一帶一路國際研究院 院長

美國杜蘭大學法學院 國際法與比較法講座教授


一帶一路國際研究院 副院長

香港立法會 議員
香港基本法教育協會 主席