The Belt and Road Essay Competition, which organized by Hong Kong WTO Research Centre and Hong Kong Commerce & Industry Associations, co-organized by Hong Kong Basic Law Education Association, came to a successful end. This competition has attracted various participants, and the result has come out and is following below. The competition is open to two categories, Open Category and Secondary Category, and there will be a champion, second place, third place and two excellent prizes each group.

As one of expert judges in the competition, Professor WANG Guiguo, the President of International Academy of the Belt and Road, said the competition is involving three themes “international Politics “, “Hong Kong Talents” and “Hong Kong Enterprises”, and we really receive some good articles. As seen, Hong Kong young people have a quite clear thinking, strong logicality, and enable to share their different perspectives on international political issues, and meanwhile, could combine with Hong Kong local conditions and put forward good advices on the development of Hong Kong talents and enterprises, which is very excellent.

Regarding the Result of the Essay Competition, Please Refer to the Chinese Version.

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