On the afternoon of November 8, 2016, Ms. Wang Xiaoping, Vice Minister of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Deputy Director Ms. Yu Jianming, Deputy Division Chief, Mr. Zhao Liang of the Department of Economic and Technology Affairs, Mr. Ren Qibiao, Deputy Director of the Service Center of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, visited IABR, and exchanged with Vice President of IABR Dr. Lee Yuk Lun, JP, together with Dr. Leung Mei Fun, SBS, JP and Associate Fellow Mr. Tim Wong, surrounding the topic of the participation of Hong Kong in B&R, as well as the future bilateral cooperation.

Dr. Leung Mei Fun, Vice president of IABR, gave an account of the original intention of the establishment of IABR. And particularly introduce the four international forums, and the exchange visits to Beijing, as well as the existing research findings, which indicated that the achievements of IABR were inseparable from the strong support from all sectors the society.

Ms. Wang Xiaoping, Deputy Director of the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, said that building professional services platform could help the implementation of the Belt and Road. Overseas Chinese Affairs Office has a close linkage with overseas Chinese associations, chambers of commerce, and industry associations, overseas Chinese business entrepreneurs know both China and local business environment, and have deep connections with political and business, they can promote the project from the government level.

Hong Kong, as a leader in promoting B&R, is indispensable in its role. Since its set up, IABR had a large number of international expert resources and achieved excellent research findings. IABR could compete with its soft power and proposes that IABR could play an active role in the World Overseas Chinese Business Conference.

Dr. Lee Yuk Lun, Vice President of IABR, agrees with Wang’s idea of setting up a professional service platform. As an industrial and commercial entrepreneur, he hopes the service platform which providing legal, accounting and financial services for investors could be established in the future, and he believes it will be more convenient and efficient to reach cooperation. Finally, he expressed the hope that to strengthen communication and deepen cooperation with Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, together for the good vision of B&R!