On July 28th, 2016, The Belt and Road Hong Kong Economic and Trade Opportunities Seminar jointly organized by Hong Kong kai Tak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Hong Kong Commerce and Industry Associations, was successfully held. The Vice-President of International Academy of the Belt and Road, President of Hong Kong Commerce and Industry Associations Dr. Lee Yuk Lun, JP was invited as a speaker to share his opinion about Hong Kong’s unique advantages and Hong Kong’s role in the Belt and Road Initiative. In the speech, he told his own story of how to seize business opportunities while the era of Reform and opening up, meanwhile, he encouraged Hong Kong local enterprises and investors to grasp the opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative, contributing to sustainable economic development.

As an international financial center, Hong Kong is playing an important role in the Belt and Road Initiative. Dr. Lee Yuk Lun compared Hong Kong as a gear, and said that Hong Kong roles as a super-linker, and connects world and China for better development. Importantly, Hong Kong has many talents in fields of finance, law, consulting, design and management, which could provide overseas investors with professional guides and help reduce investment risks. He used examples of China-Thailand pepper trade, tea trade and liquor trade to illustrate food trade is extremely potential.

In the conference, Dr. Lee encouraged enterprises to grasp a head start. Many countries along the Belt and Road are emerging economies of developing countries, and it is believed that the areas of finance, talents and technology exists opportunities. He continued, as long as possessing the appropriate local contacts, and being familiar with local policies, it is not difficult for Hong Kong enterprises to invest in foreign countries.

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