On August 10th, U.S. Consulate General of Hong Kong Economic Consul Mr. Brian Bedell, together with Economic Specialist Eastman Cheong, visited the Academy, and launched a dialogue with President WANG on the Belt and Road Initiative. In the conversation, President WANG said that the original intention of the Belt and Road is to improve people’s living standards along the countries, and achieving people’s mutual understand. He continued, the development of the Belt and Road is not one country’s responsibility, but needs all countries’ endeavor.


In January Forum, 2016, the Academy was in response to the experts’ appeal for the establishment of an international exchange platform. President WANG also wants to contribute a force in the field of law, with the countries along the Belt and Road. So far, the Academy has hosted three forums, and published the book ‘International Law Perspective of the Belt and Road Initiative’. Currently, Legal experts from 37 countries have been invited to write book series ‘Essentials of the Laws of Belt and Road Countries’, which has achieved initial results. The book will be published in Chinese and English version as well. President WANG also announced that the forum on dispute settlement mechanism would be held in this October. Meanwhile, the Working Group will come to Hong Kong for the discussion.


When talking about Hong Kong’s role on the Belt and Road Initiative with the U.S. Consul, Professor WANG said, the uniqueness of Hong Kong cannot be ignored,and series of vital advantages of Hong Kong, like as an international financial center, would play an important role in the construction of the Belt and Road. Hope Hong Kong government would do more things. The implementation of the Belt and Road is not in a day, but a long term planning.  Hereby, the Academy is determined to do practical things, and communicate with countries along the Belt and Road with open attitude, making contributions to the development of Hong Kong and the state.


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