The exchange conference of China Cable Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) delegation was successfully held in Hong Kong on 28th December 2016. Vice President of International Academy of the Belt and Road (IABR), Dr. Lee Yuk-lun, JP was invited to be one of the distinguished speakers.

Dr. Lee shared with the participants the opportunities and challenges that cable industry might face along the belt and road, as well as how enterprises invest overseas with the advantages of Hong Kong platform. Dr. Lee described the channels for expanding overseas business, including using local acquaintance relationships, trying for PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects, access to industrial parks, and merger and acquisition (M&A).

Besides, he said that apart from the governmental and international financial organization like the Export-Import Bank of China, Silk Road Fund and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for the sources of the project funds, Hong Kong as an international financial center, it could provide multi-financing ways for the industries and issue bonds investors along the belt and road, such as listing on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx), bank loans, public offering and private placement, issue bonds. Moreover, Hong Kong also provides integrated financial, accounting, and legal services. IABR has a large number of international legal experts, and will spare no effort to provide the state, enterprises and investors legal guidance and legal protection!

Last but not least, Dr. Lee encouraged all participants to grasp opportunities, in order to look for potential projects and invest along the belt and road countries.