Thursday 1 June 2017, 5‒6.30pm, China Centre Lecture Theatre
University of Oxford

The Belt and Road Initiative (B&R), since its unveiling by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, has attracted much attention in the international community. As the B&R involves extensive government to government, enterprise to government and enterprise to enterprise relations and transactions, disputes are unavoidable. Professor Guiguo Wang will, in this event, examine the existing mechanisms for resolving such disputes by pointing out their shortcomings and rooms for improvement. He will then appraise an alternative dispute resolution mechanism proposed in a Blue Book by the International Academy for the Belt and Road in Hong Kong.

Guiguo WANG is University Professor and Scholar of 1000 Talents, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China; Eason-Weinmann Chair of International and Comparative Law, School of Law, Tulane University, USA; President of International Academy of the Belt and Road (Hong Kong); Chairman of the Hong Kong WTO Research Institute; Chairman of the National Committee (HK) and Titular Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law; former Dean of School of Law, City University of Hong Kong and former Director of the Centre for Judicial Education and Research, City University of Hong Kong; Vice President of the Chinese Society of International Economic Law.

Professor Wang, holder of the JSD degree from Yale Law School and LL.M. degree from Columbia Law School, is the first person from the Mainland of China to obtain the JSD degree from Yale Law School since 1949. Having obtained the JSD degree from Yale, Professor Wang worked in several world renowned law firms in the United States, Canada and Hong Kong.

Professor Wang has published more than 20 books and more than 100 journal articles in the wellknown journals in China and other countries. His Legal Order of International Trade published the Law Press in 1987 is one of the earliest treatises on the GATT. Professor Wang’s main works include: Sino-American Economic Exchanges – The Legal Contributions (1984); International Banking and Financial Law (1988); Contemporary Legal Prescriptions for International Investment (1988); China’s Investment Law: The New Directions (1988); International Economic Law (1992); Wang’s Business Law of China (4 rd Ed., 2003); The Law of WTO (2003); International Trade Law (2004); The Law of the WTO – China and the Future of Free Trade (2005);International Monetary and Financial Law (3 nd Ed., 2007); International Investment Law (2nd Ed., 2008); “Radiating Impact of WTO on Its Members’ Legal System: The Chinese Perspective”, Collected Courses of The Hague Academy of International Law, vol. 349 (2010); International Investment Law: A Chinese Perspective (in English), (2015); International Law Perspective of the Belt and Road Initiative (Co-ed.) (2016); Dispute Resolution Mechanism for the Belt and Road (Co-ed.) (2016).